What Can I Study to Become A Preschool Teacher?

To pursue any teaching career in South Africa you will need a Teaching Diploma or a Degree. You may gain a Teaching Diploma at a technical or vocational school, and a Degree from a university. Having a Diploma in Teaching Grade R allows you to teach Grade R children and enables you to become a Preschool Teacher. You can opt for the Teaching Diploma if you didn’t meet the requirements to gain admission to study at a university. 

If you don’t meet the admission requirements to become a Preschool Teacher, fear not – you have other options as well. 


While you can’t teach preschool at a formal primary school with this qualification, you may work at an Educational Development Centre (EDC). Don’t have matric? Not a problem. To complete this qualification you only need Grade 10, should be over the age of 16 years old, and need to read and understand Afrikaans. You can enrol for this course through Skills Academy


There are three levels to this qualification – N4, N5 and N6. After completion, you need 18 months of industry-related practical experience to receive your National Diploma. For this qualification you need matric. However, Skills Academy has an open access policy. This means you will not be judged on your matric results, all that matters is that you have passed. 

What are my other Preschool Career Options?

Half-way through your studies you may discover that you have other interests or your needs might have changed. Maybe you prefer to work with a smaller group of children, or you would like to choose your own hours. Not to worry, your career choices aren’t limited. There are multiple options you can explore. The Childcare industry even allows you to find work abroad and an opportunity to start your own business. Here are your career options:


Do you absolutely adore little ones children and would love to contribute to their growth and development? Then this is the job for you. As a Nanny, you will be responsible for nurturing and taking care of a child or children. Nannies are often self-employed. 


A Babysitter offers care services to look after kids while their parents or guardians have business they need to attend to. Babysitters are mainly responsible for the safety and well-being of these kids, but they can also arrange fun activities to keep kids busy. Babysitters are generally self-employed. 

Au Pair 

Au Pairs offer a private aftercare service to parents. They pick kids up from school, help them with homework, cook for them, and sometimes even do household chores. This career field allows you to explore your options abroad. 

Now that you know what your career options are, you’re probably wondering what qualification you need. You can start with enrolling for a Educare or Childcare course. These courses will equip you with the skills needed to help you with your daily responsibilities.